International Development Enterprises (iDE)

Using the power of innovation and markets, iDE creates income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households around the world


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Clean Water

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Mrs. Teou Lang bought a latrine in 2012 for 170,000 KHR (USD$42.50) after Sanitation Teachers coordinated with her village chief and held a meeting in the Leang Daiy Commune.Prior to owning a latrine, Teou and her family would walk to open areas in a field and defecate in a hole they dug each time. She says her family’s health is now “completely different,” particularly because the latrine is an enclosed hut and all waste is far underground, ensuring diseases do not spread as easily to her home and her food supply. The latrine shelter also prevents the family from spending excess time in cold or rainy weather, which has decreased how often they get the flu.

Updates from the field:

Nov. 22, 2015
"So far, we've sold 5000!"
Posted by CEO


Sell 60000 latrines by Dec. 31, 2016
0 60000
Nov. 22, 2015
5000 latrines
So far, we've sold 5000!
Sell 76000 latrines by Dec. 31, 2020
0 76000

The Problem

In many places, it is either very difficult or impossible to access products like latrines or water filters, even if the household could afford to do so. Simply put, the market is not providing these goods and services.

What we do

iDE develops markets to increase access of lifesaving products and services for the rural poor. iDE’s WASH programs focus on creating markets around aspirational and effective WASH products and services for rural households. Because different markets experience different kinds of market failures, the nature of iDE’s involvement varies between product development, business model development, enterprise training and coaching, social marketing, government engagement, and supply chain facilitation. These activities lead to businesses actively selling WASH products and services and rural households purchasing – ultimately a sustainable system that will continue without iDE’s support.

What distinguishes us?

iDE pioneered Human-Centered Design as a process to identify market failures and design business model solutions, which often include an affordable, accessible, aspirational product that is appropriate for that specific country context. iDE engages private sector actors who are willing to produce and promote these products, and facilitates their engagement with the market.


Headquarters: Denver, CO, USA