The Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation

RVF promotes the health and wellbeing of children in need through sustainable, transformational public health programs in countries around the world.

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“Screening my baby so soon after birth allowed her to get the emergency life-saving care she needed. Without this program, my baby would not be here today."

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The Problem

In the country of Georgia more than 1000 babies are born with potentially fatal heart complications each year. Many of these babies appear healthy at birth, only to develop acute deterioration and die a few days after leaving their birth hospitals.

What we do

Babies born with heart defects can be stabilized and successfully treated if diagnosed in the first 48 hours of life. This program provides safe, accurate and non-invasive heart screening equipment as well as training for doctors and nurses, so that babies with heart defects are identified immediately and receive prompt treatment. This project aims to expands screening to all babies in Georgia. All babies with heart defects receive free world-class treatment in Tbilisi.

What distinguishes us?

RVF is unique in the way in which it partners with local health authorities, physicians and nurses to build local capacity and create sustainable programs that continue to benefit the local population long after RVF's direct role concludes. All programs are implemented by local health professionals. RVF representatives monitor and assess progress and work with health authorities to solve problems as they arise. Each program is designed to be self-sustaining within 3 to 5 years from inception.


Headquarters: Washington, DC USA


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